At Cell Phones and More we don't like having broken screens or slow running computers any more than you do! This is why we have highly-skilled, in-house technicians who can solve almost any problem you might be having!

In-House Phone Screen Repairs

At Cell Phones and More we know that having a working phone is important for so many reasons. This is why we offer in-house screen repairs, competitively priced with usually only a short wait. We fix screens on phones including, but not limited to, iPhones, Samsung, Motorola and LG. Please Contact us if you have a phone not listed here that you'd like to inquire about having repaired.

Not just screens

In addition to repairing your phone's screen we also offer repair services for iPhone home buttons, cameras, some microphones, some charging ports, and more. Please Contact us to find out whether we can do a repair for you.


ipad repair

Why buy a new device when you can repair the one you have? Got an iPad with an LCD or screen that has been damaged? We repair those, too! Contact us or give us a call at any of our Locations to find out about having your iPad repaired by a professional!

Other Tablets

We also repair select tablets! Please Contact us today to find out if we can repair your tablet.


Computer Repair

Do you have a computer that's running slow, stuck on that blue screen, or has a broken screen? We can help! Our skilled technicians are able to fix most problems with desktops and laptops. Not sure what's wrong with your computer? Our Diagnostic is no cost to you--simply bring your computer to one of our 3 locations so that we can get you an answer.